Uitlaterette biedt

Professionele begeleiding

Wandelingen van twee uur in het bos of op het strand

Alle weersomstandigheden

Opvangen van uw hond tijdens uw afwezigheid

Individuele wandelingen

Uw hond wordt ongeveer na drie uur weer verzorgd thuis gebracht

Den Haag

De Uitlaterette is actief in het Statenkwartier en omliggende buurten.

Andere diensten

Hondenservice, hondenuitlaatdienst.

▶ Welcome on the website of the Uitlaterette▶ Welcome on the website of the Uitlaterette

About Nicoline van Veldhuizen

Nicoline is a very experienced dogwalker. She has joined several seminars and workshops with well known specialists and took several courses to deepen her knowledge of dogs.

Nicoline van Veldhuizen has worked with dogs in different fields for decades:

– Rehabilitating and re-homing problematic dogs; – Stray-dog castration projects abroad, observing and catching dogs and providing medical care to ultimately releasing them in their natural habitat. – As a volunteer at animal shelters and at

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▶ Referenties▶ Referenties

Uitlaterette is run by Nicoline van Veldhuizen. We have two very lovely but stubborn male labradors and they love her to death as she challenges them physically and mentally which they enjoy a lot. Furthermore she has an excellent knowledge k9 behavior and is a perfect coach may you have issues with your dog or when your dog has issues with your self. All the best for the Uitlaterette and Nicolien. Perfect dogwalker ! Mark de Vries

“Een Chihuahua is een gewone hond als je hem de kans geeft”. Met deze woorden liet Nicoline ons achter nadat

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